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Quadran Pavan

Also known as: 

The Pavyan, quatheren paven, Quadran Pavin, Quadrim Pavin, Quadryan Pavin.

Quadran Pavane

Dance Type: 
Number of dancers: 
couples, as many as will
  • single sideways to the left
  • single sideways to the right
  • double forwards starting with the left foot

Then repeat, on the other side, and going backwards:

  • single sideways to the right
  • single sideways to the left
  • double backwards starting with the right foot

The whole dance is done four times, or until the music ends.


Some variations:

  • Singles are only done to the side sometimes - the MSS have considerable variety
    • single, single, double, all going forwards; then single side, single side, double backwards
  • Dancers choose when to go sideways and/or backwards, dancing sometimes only forwards, sometimes in place when there is less space (common among modern re-enactors)
  • Both singles are done to the same side (so the dance takes the shape of a square, as the title may suggest)
    • single sideways to the left, and another to the left, double forwards, then
    • single sideways to the right, and another to the right, double backwards
About this transcription: 
Sample description, from MS Harleian 367, transcribed by D.R. Wilson in Dancing in the Inns of Court, Historical Dance Vol 2. No. 5, 1986/7.

the quatheren paven

To singles sides and a double forward to singles sides & a double backeward all over 4 times & soe end