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Campanella (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 48. Campanella. p15.
Translation of name: 
Little bell

Begin the Campanella by drawing the left foot - which you will find raised in front - behind, and at the same time lift yourself [into the air] and do a Zoppetto with the right: this is called one beat of the the Campanella. Then thrust the left foot forwards, and at the same time do another Zoppetto with the right: this is another beat; and so they follow on, one after the other. Practise, so you do them with grace. You can use the same rule to do them turning round. It has the name Campanella from the way you draw the foot back and forwards in a straight line, like the clapper [martello - lit. hammer] that rings a bell [Campana], and indeed, every in every other name it has there is falsity.