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April 9th

Advanced class only, once again.


Always a nice warm-up, and with enough different recordings to keep us on our toes. 

Dance game: dancing blind

We danced the steps to Amoroso, but holding hands throughout. Each person took a turn at dancing with their eyes closed and allowing their partner to lead, and leading their "blind" partner. 

Continued work: La Figlia fi Guglielimino, for four

Points to work on:

  • transition out of bassadanza, including weight change
  • men's mezzevolte
  • tidy up piva: faster, smoother, cleaner movimenti

"standard" positions so far have been: initial front couple - David and Angela, initial back couple - Patrick/Katherine and Nadia.

So far we have only danced this to the Eschewynge of Ydlenesse recording.


Solidify Belriguardo (plain, for two) and Belriguardo Novo (figured, for two). Tried Belriguardo Novo (figured, for 3) again - harder than it looks!

Focus on 15thC Italian technique

  • concept of vuodo and piene, starting some misura in vuodo
  • hops in saltarello in bassadanza: time ( hesitate on 5, hop on six), smoothness
  • slow rise and fast descent in bassadanza (doppio: hesitate at top on 5, fast descent on 6, sempio: hesitate at top on 2, fast descent on 3)
  • counting contrapassi in bassadanza
Avondale Lions Hall
Class date: 
April 9, 2015