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Madam Cecilia's Alman

Also known as: 

Cycyllya Alemayne, Madam sosilia, Cecilia, Madam sicillia pauin, Sicilia Almaine, Sissilea Almayne

('The new cycillia allemaine' and 'Cycyllya pavyan' from MS Rawlinson Poet. 108 are different dances).

Dance Type: 
Number of dancers: 
couples, as many as will

A. Do this twice

  • single left
  • single right
  • double left
  • single backwards, right

B. Face your partner. 

  • single sideways to the left
  • single sideways to the right
  • honour/reverence, moving the left leg
  • circle your partner, changing places, passing right shoulders with
    • single left
    • single right
    • double left
  • honour/reverence, moving right leg
  • two steps forwards (right, left) and embrace briefly

Repeat B. Section returning to your own place.


I use the music composed for this dance by Joseph Casazza.