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Seguito ordinario (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 12. Seguito ordinario. p6v.
Translation of name: 
Ordinary sequence [of steps]

The Seguito ordinario is done likewise in three steps [as in Seguito grave finto], and in four ordinary beats, and indeed, one stands with the body still for the time of the last beat. And they are done in this manner: begin in the first beat with the left foot, thrusting it forward on the toes so much that the heel arrives at the toes of the right, and separate from it [laterally] around two inches. Then, raising the right in the second beat, thrust it forwards likewise on the toes, and and as far from the left as the left was from the right. Then in the third beat thrust forward the left by the same rule, but resting with both the feet flat on the ground, how - you should note - you ought to stand when you find yourself in prospettiva to do the Riverenza. And hold yourself in this manner, as explained, for the space of the fourth beat. The in the beginning of the fifth beat, you do a new seguito, thrusting the right foot forwards, following the same rule as given for the left, and noting that in each Seguito you peacock somewhat with your body.