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Seguito grave finto (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 11. Seguito grave finto a Tordiglione. p6.
Translation of name: 
slow feigned sequence in the Tourdion

This Seguito grave finto is done in three steps, and in the time of three ordinary beats; taking a step in each beat; in this manner; finding yourself in prospettiva, raise the left foot in the first beat, and thrust it half a palm forwards, and as much [laterally] separate from the right, and before it is lowered, thrust it gracefully with the toes near the left [sic - should be right?]: then you must return it to where it was, lowered, and at the same time lift the right; and this is done at the end of the first beat. Then at the beginning of the second beat lower the right foot, and raise the left; and in the third, lower the left and raise the right; doing these actions now retreating backwards, and now pushing gracefully forwards somewhat with the body. Then following the said seguiti, in the following beat, pass forwards with the right foot, which is found raised, thrust it so far forwards, and separate from the left, as was done first with the left foot. And following this Rule do as many Seguiti, as are needed in the dances. And these Seguiti have acquired the name finti because you feign to go forwards, but remain through the tempo in the same place where you found yourself at the beginning,