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Ripresa Minima (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 23. Ripresa Minima. p9.

This is the one where heels and toes move together, feet parallel, but pointing alternately to the left and the right.

Ripresa minuta is where you alternate between heels-together toes-apart, and toes-together heels-apart.


The Ripresa Minima is done in the time of one minim beat, as is shown; but [trotandola - hopping?] : it is done holding the left foot two or three inches more in front of the right, and only one finger, or a little more, distant from that, and both flat on the ground: then move the heels together towards the left part or the right, as you have to, and then the toes by the same rule: proceeding to do as many as the dance directs. And be careful to hold the leg well extended and the body straight, without any motion either of hands or head.