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Trabuchetto grave (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 24. Trabuchetto Grave. p9v.
Translation of name: 
Slow trabuchetto

Do the Trabuchetto Grave in this manner: finding yourself with even feet, extend/widen [them] to the side in the manner of a little jump the left foot one palm away from the right; and in the same time that you put left foot on the ground, raise the right, joining it about two inches away, near the left, lightly, on the toes, holding both legs well extended, not touching that same right foot to the ground. Then, returning the right foot to the place where it started, you must return with the left foot, doing the same as you did with the right. Note than you should peacock yourself somewhat in each Trabuchetto, and do them with agility and dexterity of the body: they are disgusting done in any other manner. And those who [? - this first bit might be a positive instruction], in making that first little jump with the left foot, in accompanying as I said, with the right, he who pulls back with the toes so rudely behind the left, (that [paiono] a little soon pull/kick kick), as high/another: and they do the same them with the left: guard yourself from this same thing: and this use, you must correct and amend yourself. The time for each of these Trabuchetti is one perfect beat of the music.

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