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Class 3, term 4

  • Voltati in ca Rosina
  • Fedelta d'Amore
  • Ballo Nuovo (Negri's torch dance for six men)
  • Passamezzo from Il Ballarino

We brushed up Voltati in ca Rosina as a warm up.

Then a return to Fedelta d'Amore, which we'd reconstructed together a fortnight ago.

We looked at Negri's torch dance a little several years ago. With only three of us tonight we danced the left-hand column. This should be a good one to try at the Bal d'Argent this coming weekend - with luck, with flaming torches and all!

Finally, we spent half an hour or so on the Passamezzo from Il Ballarino: once again we did the whole choreography, but that we only used the first three mutanze written for the woman. It works well enough for three, though with not quite the subtelty of interaction as for two. Larger groups will be interesting to try. 


Blockhouse Bay Primary School
Class date: 
October 27, 2016