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Revisiting Pavaniglia

I'm revisiting the Pavaniglia, and finding I have some new questions (and I'm returning to some old ones) about my reconstruction of the Pavaniglia from Il Ballarino in 2009:

The third verse, the retreating passeggio: those fioretti are fioretti a pie pari. I really want them to be 'normal' fioretti, done backwards, as I love the step and I love the symmetry with the second verse. But the text has fioretti a pie pari. Hmmm.

The conclusione: I want to revisit my logic about which foot is raised in the zoppetto: it still doens't feel convincing to land in a cadenza with the right foot behind, only to raise the left foot in front in the zoppetti.

I'm sure there will be more questions, and some answers, as I work my way through the dance.