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Balzetti a piedi pari per fianco (Santucci

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 36. Balzetti a piedi pari per fianco. p 47
Translation of name: 
Jumps to the side with even feet

To do the Balzetto a piedi pari per fianco, begin with feet even, in passo naturale, that is, one foot about half a palm from the other, as is shown in the following figure. Lower the body a little, and separating the knees a little, then jump per fianco, four inches from the ground, and return to the ground with feet even; noting that the toes of the right foot should be found where the left heel was at the beginning. This can also be done per contrario. It is so called because you jump per fianco, and you do the jump beginning with the feet even.