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Doppio grave (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Del modo del fare i Doppii, & prima del Doppio grave. Regola XX.
Also known as: 
Translation of name: 
How to do doubles, and first the slow double. Rule 20.

The Doppio grave is done in the time of two beats, doing three slow steps (Passi gravi), beginning with the left foot, in the fourth step joining the right foot to the left: bending the knees a little each time that you join them together, and raising and lowering then the heels with grace somewhat; and always carrying the body straight with seemliness (leggiadria): attending to move always either forwards or backwards that foot which is joined equally, in the manner that I described in the second book, whence you will have the way to understand how to do the dances.