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Punta e Calcagno (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 50. Punta e Calcagno. p15v.
Translation of name: 
Toe and heel

This is done with a Zoppetto with the right on the ground, and at the same time you lower the left toes to the ground abut four inches away from the right. Then you do another Zoppetto with the right, and lower the left heel to the ground, holding the toes up about four or five inches from the ground. Finally you flatten the left, in the manner of a Zoppetto, and begin to the the Punta e Calcagno with the right according to the same rule. It received the name "Toe and Heel" from this effect of touching the ground now with the toes, now with the heel, of the one foot.