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Punta de piedi strisciata caminata (Santucci)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 85. Punta de piedi strisciata caminata. p82.

Begin with the left heel turned to the arch of the right, about two inches away from the arch, as in the figure on page 33, with the left toes turned out to the left side, and holding the left heel up about one inch from the ground, then sliding and turning in/on the [nella] left toes you draw the left heel backwards al naturale, and at the same time sliding the right foot, you thrust it forwards in passo naturale. And this can also be done on the other side, and when you find yourself with the left foot behind, and in front. It is called this because you slide the toes, holding the heel up from the ground, and with the other foot you walk forwards, sliding it on the ground.