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Groppo (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 44. Groppo. p14b.
Translation of name: 

This is done beginning with the body and the feet as they are when you wish to do a Riverenza. First you do a Trabuchetto to the left with the left foot, and at the same time that you land on that foot you cross the right foot behind it. Do another Trabuchetto similarly to the right, crossing the left behind the right. Then do another Trabuchetto with the left to the left, crossing the right behind it. With this you do a Sottopiede - placing it in place if the left, which is lifted - holding the left foot raised somewhat in front. And drawing it back [titando, typo for tirando?], and thrusting the right forwards, you do the Cadenza, and finish the Groppo. It was its name from this knot-like crossing of the feet.