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Corintho (Santucci)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 156. Corintho. p125
Translation of name: 
Corinthian step

Beginning with the left foot behind, in passo naturale, lift it from the ground, and thrust it even with the right, per fianco to the left side, and do three little riprese to that side, and that done do a Trabocchetto, holding the right foot raised behind. This can also be done per contrario, and also thrusting that left forwards, instead of thrusting it per fianco, and also beginning with even feet, or even with the left foot raised in front, or behind. It is so called because you do these riprese and trabocchetto very quickly, in the manner of one who wishes to run per fianco forwards, and backwards, as it happens to come up, and from this running [correre] it has the name Corintho.