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Continenza Grave (Santucci)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 198. Continenza Grave. p142
Translation of name: 
Slow continenza

Beginning with the left foot behind, in passo naturale, thrust it forwards, even with the right, and separate it per fianco to the left side, about half a palm, and in moving bend [piegare] the left flank a little, making sure you keep the head straight and the shoulders even, with the body straight, and give it as much grace as you can. That done, put the left on the ground per fianco, and in passo naturale; this step being done in the time of four perfect ternary beats, or three binary beats, according to the music. In another two ternary beats lift the right foot and raise it in front, and in another two similar beats [illegible - put?] the right even with the left, and rise a little on the toes, and then flatten [your feet again]. It is so called because you do a certain motion of containment [continenza] and of [illegible word - ...tatione].