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Class 3: Galliards from Compasso, revising 15th C

We started with a few Old Measures (part of the current project to memorise the lot)

  • Madam Cecilia's Almain
  • Black Almain
  • New Almain

Then a revision of Contrapasso Nuovo, for six, from Il Ballarino.

Then a pile of galliarding (of which more below), then a final revision of some favourite 15th century Italian dances, to finish on a gentler note:


We're working through Arbeau and Compasso, increasing our galliard repertoire as we go.

Tonight we spent 10-15 minutes working on our basic cinquepasso (kick, kick, kick, kick, jump, land) and the travelling-step variation, described in many ways by many authors (kick, step, undercut, kick, jump, land). 

Then: Compasso - solid practice of Compasso's first ten "mutanze scempie".

Avondale Lions Hall
Class date: 
February 25, 2016