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La Castellana

Dance Type: 
Number of dancers: 

First verse: circling

1-2     Riverenza L

3- 6    4 Spezzati LRLR in a wheel to the left (turning clockwise)

7-8     2 Spezzati  LR turning left (out of the wheel, end facing, back on the rim of the wheel)



1-2     2 Puntate, L forwards (and a little to left), R backwards (back into place)

3-4     4 Trabuchetti, LRLR, facing partner


5-6     Spezzato L to left, Riverenza R facing partner

7-8     Spezzato R to right, Riverenza L facing partner


1-2     2 Riprese to left, 2 Trabuchetti LR,

3-4     Spezzato L turning in place to left, Cadenza facing

5-6     2 Riprese to right, 2 Trabuchetti RL,

7-8     Spezzato R turning to right, Cadenza L, facing


Second Verse: changing places

1-2     take right hands, two spezzati LR changing places,

3-4     release hands, two spezzati LR turning left; end facing, at original distance

5-6     take left hands, two spezzati LR returning to original places

7-8     release hands, two spezzati LR turning right; end facing, at original distance



Third verse: finale

1      2 fast Passi LR in a wheel to left

2      Cadenza L, end facing

3-4   2 Riprese RR and 2 Trabuchetti RL

5-6   2 fast Passi RL in wheel to right, Cadenza R facing

7-8   2 Riprese LL and 2 Trabuchetti LR



Complete the cascarda with a graceful Riverenza to your partner after the music finishes.


I use a file generated for me by Alex Rossiter.