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Fiamma d'Amore

Title translation: 
Flame of Love
Dance Type: 
Number of dancers: 

Start facing, not holding hands, but close enough that you could. 

First verse:

Spezzato to left, Riverenza minima (R); repeat to right
2 Spezzato in a wheel (LR)
4 Trabuchetti facing (LRLR)
4 Spezzati in a wheel (LRLR)
2 Scambiate (LR)

2 puntate in balzetti backwards
Spezatto turning over left shoulder, Cadenza

Second verse: Man's solo

2 Spezzati flankingly forwards
Spezzato to left, meza riverenza right;  repeat to right

2 riprese (LL), 2 Trabuchetti (LR) flankingly backwards
2 passi forwards, Cadenza; repeat to right

Both do chorus.

Third verse: woman' solo.

Woman does as man did in verse 2. Both do chorus.

Fourth verse:

2 Spezzati, seguito semidoppio, in a wheel to the left; repeat to right

2 riprese, 2 trabucchetti, flankingly backwards
Spezzato forwards, Riverenza touching right hands; repeat to right side, touching left hands

Both do chorus.


About this translation: 

Translated 2004.






In this Cascarda, standing themselves facing, they will do a Seguito spezzato to the left with the left foot, and the Riverenza with the right; the to the right they will do another Seguito also spezzato with the right foot, and the Riverenza with the left. In a wheel they will do two Seguiti spezzati, and four Trabuchetti facing, with another four Seguiti spezzati in a wheel, and two Scambiate, one to the left and the other to the right: they will then do two Puntate in balzetto [with little leaps], one backwards with the left, the other with the right in the same manner, together with one Seguito spezzato turning around by the left, and the Cadenza.

The Man alone.

The Man alone will do three Seguiti spezzati, two flankingly forwards, and the last to the left, with the Riverenza with the right: he will do the same another time, beginning on the other side: then he will turn his left flank behind, and will do two Riprese, and two Trabuchetti flankingly backwards, with two passi forwards, and the Cadenza, beginning with the left. He will do the same to the other side, turning the right flank out. Then they will do together the said two Puntate in balzetto flankingly backwards, with the Seguito spezzato turning, and the Cadenza.

The Lady alone.

The Lady alone will do the same variation as the Man did; then together they will do the said Puntate, with the Seguito spezzato turning, and the Cadenza, just as above.

Then passing to the left side, they will do together in a wheel two Seguiti spezzati, and one Seguito semidoppio, beginning with the left: they will do the same to the right, beginning with the right. Then, both turning the left flank backwards, they will do two Riprese, and two Trabuchetti flankingly backwards, with one Seguito spezzato with the left forwards by the left flank, and the Riverenza with the right, touching right hands[fe]: they will do the same on the other side turning the right flank out: then they will do the already said two Puntate backwards in Balzetto, and the Seguito spezzato turning, together with the Cadenza.