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Renaissance Dance for the Early Dance Group

15th century Italy

A brief overview of 15thC Italian steps and style, as I reconstruct them (natural and accidental steps, doppii in different misure, ombreggiare and ondeggiare).

Dance for three people, performed recently at the Winter Warmup. Notes on my website (link in dance title above). Music: Gaita, Whatsoever ye Wyll. 
Showy set-dance for 10 people, with ribbons.
I'm teaching the reconstruction given in Joy and Jealousy, by Vivian Stephens and Monica Cellio, with only a couple of small changes. The music I'm using is "Ballare et Danzare" by Medeva.
Gioioso in Tre
Another three-person dance, with quite different figures to Voltati in ca Rosina.
Basic notes here, more complete notes to be added. 
Music: Gaita, Eschewynge of Ydlenesse (track name is Rostibolli). 

16th century Italy

Circle-dance for 6 people. I've taught it here before, but would like to do it again with a little more detail in the steps. Gentle and elegant.
Notes on my website (link above), music by Alex Rossiter and Katherine Davies (provided). 
Another for 6 or 8 - interesting floor-patterns.
La Catena d'Amore
Set dance for as many couples as will. It's rather like an Italian duple-minor, but with all sorts of quirky paterns. At one point it turns into something like a branle or farandole, then back into a duple minor.
I'm aiming to have written instructions (on paper and my website) and music to give you. 


Date and time: 
Friday, August 26, 2016 - 19:30 to 22:00
St John's Church, Northcote