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Katherina Weyssin's Classes at Canterbury Faire 2017

Some of my classes have notes, some don't. If you have questions, please find me for a chat or email me.

I love getting email about dance-stuff, and knowing that people are using what I've produced inspires me to make more - send me questions and suggestions, please.

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Dance with style: turning a choreography into a performance (Tuesday afternoon)

My notes:

Dances for kids (Monday afternoon?)

What we do will depend on who comes. If you'd like instructions or music for something we did, please get in touch.

Les Bouffons - theatrical sword dance (Thursday afternoon)

This one is from Arbeau's Orchesography, published 1589.

I've got a tiny bit online here:

There is a facsimile online, and Mary Stewart Evans translation into English is still in print, and quite cheap (both are easy to find with google).

I'm primarily teaching Lady Aeron's reconstruction of Buffens: she hopes to teach it around the kingdom, so at large events in the future (Festival, CF ...) we can put together a performance troupe, drawing on dancers from many groups. I can't wait!


Passamezzo - dance (Friday afternoon)

The Passamezzo is one of the competition dances for the Bal d'Argent this year.

We'll look mostly at Caroso's Passamezzo from Il Ballarino, though we might do it in groups as described by Lupi, rather than in pairs. I'll teach everyone the woman's part, as it's simpler, and touch just a little on the man's part as a challenge.  It can be added easily once the basics are solid.

Music: Live - each note of the bass line is repeated four times / goes for four semibreves. Recorded: I like Dolce Amoroso Fuoco by the Broadside Band, or Dolce Amoroso Fuoco by Musica Subterranea. I've altered the Broadside Band version to play for a loooong time.

Passamezzo - music - improvising on a ground bass (Friday afternoon)

I'm still refining my sheet-music for this, so I've not yet put it up online. If you don't get a copy in class and would like one please email me to ask for one. If you have suggestions (e.g. for clearer presentation) or requests (e.g. for a clef or transposition for a particular instrument) please ask for that too!

We'll start with a version with one note per chord - Ballo del Fiore - then two per chord - Ortiz' recercada - and finally four-per-chord - Caroso's Passo e Mezzo. The final one is suitable for the dance Passamezzo too.

Dances for which the stuff we'll cover is suitable include: Ballo del Fiore, the Torch Branle, the Passamezzo, Dolce Amoroso Fuoco, and many more.

Tips and tricks for teaching dance (if we find time)

My notes:

Class date: 
January 16, 2017 to January 22, 2017