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About this website

This is the current home for much of what I've written about renaissance dancing, from about 2001 to the present. There's at least something on all the major styles for which we have detailed evidence in Europe in the period from about 1400-1620.

I owe my eternal thanks to David Robb (William de Cameron), who put in place the structure of the website as a Christmas present for me in 2011, and who continues to provide extremely generous technical support.

This site was inspired by the Ildhafn website (also constructed by David Robb): I realised that I was regularly updating the Ildhafn site, because it was easy to do and gave pleasing results, when I was avoiding my own (previous) website because it was too much like hard work.

A few months conversation between David and I about what my ideal website would be, and this came into being.