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Prenes in gre

Number of dancers: 
  • 6 steps forwards, turn to face
  • 6 steps circling (take right hands if you wish)
  • 6 steps passing right shoulder, separating, and turning to face
  • 2 slow sideways steps, moving forward a little
  • turn over left shoulder
  • 6 small steps forwards, coming close to your partner, face to face
  • 3 slow steps backwards
  • turn over left shoulder, fast reverence; turn over right shoulder, fast reverence
  • 6 steps passing partner and turning to face
  • turn over left shoulder, slower reverence

This reconstruction was designed to fit the recording on the CD Eschewynge of Ydelnesse (a lovely recording, on one of my favourite CDs).


Trace forthright 6 singlis; ather torne other aboute, and forthright 6 singlis agen. After the end of the trace, rak both togeder and torne. Then face to face 6 singlis, ether contrary oder, and 3 retrettes ayen. Then a flowrdelice of both at onys. Then change places and torne face to face. Then a flowrdelice and come togeder.