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We'll see if this is a pleasing way to add informal notes about the stuff I'm currently working on. It might also be a convenient way to include running reconstructions of the improvisatory forms - new galliard and canary mutanze, for instance.

So . . . this week's obsession continues to be "getting the new website in order". I love the structure (thanks, David), and the content is getting there. It will continue to change for some time, as I settle on forms that work well for me. I expect there will be at least a few rounds of going back over everything that's been added to date and adding more data, as I find new ways to order material.

This has temporarily distracted me from my other current dance-project (aside from regular weekly classes): producing teaching videos. Angela, David and I spent much of the Summer of 2011/12 filming steps and dances. Editing, as predicted, is taking much longer than filming, but over the next few months I hope to be able to release teaching clips for the basic range of 16th century Italian steps, and for the dances Ballo del Fiore, La Castellana, and Pungente Dardo.